Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Overview
  • 18 Nov 2022
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Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Overview

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What is Tempo MES?

Using the latest in AR and cloud technology, Apprentice’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is built for the manufacturing of the future. Its cloud-based architecture enables continuous production, while no-code integrations power equipment and system automation. Flexible features and parameterized templates adapt your process to batches of all sizes, complexity, and customization.

Give your operators the power and precision to execute better with AR, AI, and voice recognition in a full suite of wearable, mobile, and desktop devices. Make the transition to modern manufacturing with an MES designed exclusively for pharma.

Apprentice MES use cases

Below are some of the ways our clients are using our MES to more effectively scale operations, ensure first time execution reliability, accelerate critical product development, and support global supply chains.

Intelligent batch execution

  • Manage batch runs and campaigns
  • Build data models
  • Perform campaign comparisons

Augmented procedures

  • Make SOPs/work instructions smart
  • Voice guided instructions
  • AR technique demonstrations
  • Intelligent data capture
  • Integrated resource management

Predictive resource management

  • Easily track inventory
  • Plan out resources
  • Forecast future orders
  • Optimize product quality & quantity

Immersive training

  • Speed up onboarding
  • Build tribal knowledge network
  • Augmented reality tools

Equipment tracking & logging

  • Log and follow events
  • Track work order progress
  • Predict preventive maintenance
  • Submit approvals
  • Maintain equipment-related data

Components of MES

The MES package includes the following components:

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