Arrays Overview
  • 19 Jun 2023
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Arrays Overview

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What packages include this feature?
  🌐 LES (v6.5.X)

Within LES, an array refers to any plate, box, gel, or other physical holder to hold samples. Through an object in LES called an array instance, LES allows users to track configurable zone information for where samples should be and are loaded onto an array instance during testing.

An array instance reflects the traceability and placement of samples in an array. It does not track the plate itself, but the layout of the plate and samples as part of the execution of a specific test method. The layout for an array instance is introduced during proceduring authoring on the procedure template Resource tab; array instances are then created during a procedure run with the completion of a Load Plate action.

Array instances are organized into classes and subclasses within LES. The name, description, and properties of classes and subclasses can be managed according to an organization's preferences.

Once an array instance has been created, users can review that array instance's information, layout, usage log, attached procedure runs, and history, as applicable.

For additional information about arrays, refer to the following articles:

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