Augmented Work Instructions (AWI) Overview
  • 18 Nov 2022
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Augmented Work Instructions (AWI) Overview

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What are Augmented Work Instructions (AWI)?

This package requires v6.5 or a subsequent version.

Apprentice’s Augmented Work Instructions (AWI) is the only cloud-native, digital work instructions software built for pharma. Operators and scientists can author and augment digital work instructions, execute procedures on mobile and wearable devices, and ingrain quality into steps with exception handling.

Use AWI as a first step towards digitization. With AWI, a site can set up the foundation for a modern, cloud-based manufacturing platform, Tempo, that can scale to a MES and LES with ease.

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AWI differentiators

Develop work instructions, SOPs, and procedures without coding

  • Intuitive authoring and live group-editing enables teams to develop instructions without requiring coding expertise from software engineering
  • Intelligent process design: Leverage advanced functionality such as parallel execution, branching, and enforcement logic.

Hands-free operation in-lab through wearable headsets

  • Augmented instructions such as AR overlays, photos, videos, and audio can be attached to each step so that operators and scientists can fully understand the step they need to execute.

Make real-time quality control an ingrained part of execution through exception handling

  • Use a fully validated platform that meets GMP requirements, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, and SOC2 and ISO certification.
  • Review exceptions as they happen in real time by providing immediate resolution, rather than waiting months and following a complex and lengthy paper trail.
  • Ensure higher quality by preventing step completion when values deviate from defined ranges, and automatically calculate formulas.

Components of AWI

The AWI package includes the following components:

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