Batches Overview
  • 08 May 2023
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Batches Overview

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Who can use this feature?
  🌐 MES (v6.3.5, v6.5.X)

Define groups of procedures to execute and supervise recipes of products, samples, or grouped activities.

What is a batch?

Tempo MES allows content creators to build a batch template out of sets of unit operations within the web application. Each unit operation can include one or more procedure templates. (For more information about procedures, review the Procedures Overview article.)

Batch manufacturing is a step-by-step batch production method that allows operators to complete multiple unit operations at once, either in parallel or sequentially. This method captures all the needed equipment, materials, resources, and data that goes into making a product.

Customers that use the MES package can add procedure templates to specific unit operations within a batch template. Once a batch template has been authored and approved, it can be assigned for execution as a batch run.

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