Reviewing a Procedure Run
  • 21 Mar 2022
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Reviewing a Procedure Run

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Article Summary

Once a procedure has been started, an Operator can view a summary of the procedure run, including any Exceptions, Parameters, Documents, Steps, and Materials associated with it.

Below is a breakdown of the different tabs included on a Procedure Run and the data you will find on each.

Procedure Run details(1)

1. Title

The Procedure Run title is inherited from the Procedure Template executed using an iPad or Apprentice-powered headset.

2. Tabs

Each tab located at the top of a Procedure Run provides the Operator access to a different layer of data that Tempo has collected about the run. Click a tab to view its contents. Below is breakdown of the data you'll find on each tab.

1SummaryThe default tab displayed on a Procedure Run, it contains information about the Progress, Duration, Notifications, Users, Details, and Material Outputs of the run.
2AssignA list of the procedure Owner, Author(s), and Assignee(s).
3ExceptionsDisplays the number of exceptions triggered during procedure execution, following the tab title (refer to the image above) and on the tab itself. Authorized Exception Approvers can click Approve to approve an exception.
4ParametersDisplays a list of any parameters added to the Procedure Template executed to produce this run.
5DocumentDisplays the source document used to create the Procedure Template, if any was used.
6StepsA detailed breakdown of the steps included in the procedure and an indication of which steps were successfully completed and which triggered an exception during execution, if any. Click a step to view the Text and Audio Instructions and Inputs added to each step.
7BOM/BOEA breakdown of the Material and Equipment added to the Procedure Template.
8A-NotesDisplays the type and details (Observation or Non-Conformance) of any A-Note(s) created by the operator during execution. Exceptions triggered during execution will also be displayed here and Authorized Exception Approvers can click Approve to approve them.
9HistoryA detailed breakdown of any changes that have occured to the procedure state.

3. Summary

Below is breakdown of the data you'll find on this tab.

1ProgressThe number of steps executed and a percentage of the steps completed.
2DurationThe amount of time spent executing the procedure.
3Needs AttentionThe number of Exceptions triggered and the number of A-Notes created by the Operator during the procedure execution.
4UsersThe first and last names of the Operators who executed the procedure.
5DetailsThe Procedure run ID, Batch run ID (if the procedure executed was included in a Batch run), the procedure template Type, and the procedure template Version.
6Material OutputsThe material output that executing the procedure will produce, if any.

4. Approval Status

Displays the approval status of the procedure run. Click to update the approval status.

5. Procedure Run Report

Click to print, or export to PDF, the data from one or more tabs of the Procedure Run.

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