Tandem Overview
  • 30 Mar 2022
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Tandem Overview

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What is Tandem?

Tandem is Apprentice's purpose-built virtual collaboration solution that instantly connects your global workforce. Reduce costs, delays, and safety issues by replacing in-person site visits with real-time virtual conferencing designed for the pharma facility.

Tandem combines high-quality video streaming, AR, and live voice transcription with wearable headsets to give remote colleagues a detailed, first-person perspective into an operator’s workflow. Keep production running all around the globe by integrating Tandem with our manufacturing and lab execution systems.

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Tandem benefits

  • Hands-free collaboration that enables operators to join and control a Tandem session with voice navigation to keep their hands free for work.
  • First-person perspective that gives collaborators a close-up view of equipment and instruments through a video camera on a wearable headset. Move around objects to troubleshoot with critical speed.
  • Communication tools that bridge language barriers and enable remote collaborators to show operators what they mean, not just tell them.

Tandem use cases

Below are some of the ways our clients are using Tandem to collaborate more effectively with subject matter experts (SME), colleagues, and vendors.

Installation, troubleshooting, & maintenance

Collaborate with equipment vendors or company experts across sites to quickly diagnose issues and reduce downtime. Include engineering, maintenance, and other supporting teams to provide feedback and insight.

CRO/CMO collaboration

Bring your research and manufacturing partners up to speed faster by collaborating in real-time with a hands-free device as experiments and batches are executed, or to provide expert perspective should questions arise.

Immersive training

Live, just-in-time (JIT) training can be provided with multiple colleagues to introduce new hires to the facility/equipment or share tribal knowledge with an incoming class of engineers.

Tech & method transfer

Remote colleagues can observe the expert, the expert can observe the receiver, and the receiver can record and narrate their execution of a new process to be watched during a time of your convenience. By using Tandem not only are travel costs reduced, but transfers are completed faster.

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Participate remotely in a multi-discipline Factory Acceptance Test. Take photos and record findings with no travel and minimal coordination.

Remote facility walkthrough

Ideal for audits and GEMBAs, commissioning new equipment, onboarding new customers of CMO/CROs, and new facility construction.

Reduce carbon footprint

Support sustainability goals through the increased utilization of hands-free collaboration to reduce company-wide miles traveled by car, bus, train, and plane.

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