Tempo v6.5.100 Release Notes (v6.5 Service Pack 1)
  • 23 May 2023
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Tempo v6.5.100 Release Notes (v6.5 Service Pack 1)

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Article Summary

Introducing the Tempo v6.5.100 service pack

  • Additional links and information may be added to this article in the future. This article was last updated 5/22/2023.

General platform updates

PIN updates: General

A number of updates have been made to system PIN configurability and functionality.

The following new configuration options are available on the Tempo web app via settings Platform > settings Configuration > Settings:

  • PIN Length: Select whether a PIN must be 4, 5, or 6 digits long. Default value is 4.
  • Rotate Pin: Select whether a PIN must be updated within a certain period of time. Default value is disabled.
  • PIN Rotation Limit (Days): If Rotate Pin is enabled, this setting determines the minimum frequency a user must reset their PIN. Options include 30, 60, or 90 days.

Additionally, in order to encourage the creation of a more secure PIN, the system now prevents the creation of a new PIN with the following attributes:

  • Repeating digits (3 or more; e.g., 111XXX)
  • Ascending or descending digit patterns (3 or more; e.g., 123XXX)
  • Repeating digit patterns (e.g., 368368)
  • Identical to previous PIN
  • Users with an existing PIN will be able to keep their current PIN regardless of its complexity until the PIN Rotation Limit is reached, if applicable, or they change the number on their own.
  • For more information about managing a system PIN, review the Enabling & Disabling System PIN article.

PIN update: SSO users

In systems that require users to log in via SSO, users must create a PIN in order to provide a user signature. In the event that an SSO user does not have a PIN configured, the system prompts the user to set up a user PIN when necessary.

Procedures & batches

Configuration for substep addition for procedures within batch runs

A new feature can be enabled at the batch run level using the new Enable redlining for all procedures within this batch checkbox, which displays on the batch run Information tab on the Tempo web app. When enabled, this feature allows operators to add something called a substep to an existing step during batch execution. A substep contains a name and description, and can be used by the operator to indicate any additional steps or changes made by the operator during execution. This can support experimental procedures in pre-clinical and clinical environments where the exact recipe may not be determined by the time of template creation.


This feature captures information about changes made during batch execution. It does not apply these changes to a batch or procedure template.

Once enabled, operators can tap the new Substeps button on the iOS app while executing a step to add or view substeps. When an operator adds a new substep, the system captures the substep name and description as well as the operator name and timestamp. Once added, this substep information displays in the web app on the procedure run Steps tab and can be exported as part of a procedure run report.


The system treats adding a substep as a Process Exception. This means that any configurations made for that exception type (such as whether to trigger an exception and severity and signature requirements) apply.

Scientific notation support for measures and formulas

Two new checkboxes allow procedure authors to determine which measures and formulas require information to be collected using scientific notation formation (e.g., 3.02E9):

  • The new Require value in scientific format checkbox displays during procedure template authoring for manual entry Measure inputs (including use in Table inputs) and manual entry Measure parameters. If checked, this setting requires the operator to provide the collected measure information in scientific notation.
    • The existing Max # of integer places field (which is enforced at 1 for scientific notation) and # of decimal places field (which can be set to the number of necessary decimal places, if applicable) allow the author to set the precision requirements for the measure.
  • Additionally, the new Display results of the formula in scientific format checkbox displays during procedure template authoring for Formula and Table Formula actions. The Rounded decimal places field allows the author to set the precision requirements for the formula result.

Approving own execution overrides for non-GMP processes


By default, when operators save an incorrect input or action value during procedure or batch execution, the system blocks the operator from continuing to execute until a second person approves the override.

The new Allow a user to approve their own override on mobile setting, available via settings Platform > Configuration > Permissions, allows a system admin to permit operators to approve their own input or action value overrides. This functionality is designed for optional use by organizations where the product run is experimental in nature and not meant for clinical, commercial, or human consumption.

  • This configuration option is not suitable for or designed for GMP contexts.
  • This is a system-level configuration and applies to all runs and operators.
  • This configuration does not change any exception requirements configured for this action. It also does not grant the operator permission to approve their own exceptions.

Step completion indicator for web and iOS apps

The system now displays quick-reference step completion information on both the web and iOS apps at the step level:

  • For all steps, a user can review whether a step was fully completed, force completed/skipped when sequentiality requirement is enabled, or not completed.
  • For fully and force completed steps, the operator name and timestamp of the most recent update within the step display as well.

Within the web app, step completion information displays above the name of each step on the Steps tab of a procedure run. Users can also reference and download this information via the Procedure Run Report.

When viewing a specific step on the iOS app, the operator can tap the more_horiz More Options icon above the step name to review status completion information.

Table input update indicator for iOS app

One or more operators may be responsible for inputting data into a single table during execution. In order to make it more clear within the iOS app that a table input has had multiple contributors, the app now displays the operator name and timestamp of the most recent update, as well as an indicator of how many other operators have made updates to the table.

Batch parameter groups added to batch template export and import

For any batch template versions that have one or more effective batch parameter groups, those batch parameter groups are now included in the export and import of batch templates.

  • To export a batch template, click more_horiz More Options > Export Batch Template on a batch template.
  • To import a batch template, click more_horiz More Options > Import Batch Template on the Batch Templates page

Review and approval configuration option for batch templates

A new template configuration setting, Review and Approval is required for this batch template, is available on the batch template via more_horiz More Options > Template Configuration Settings. This setting is enabled by default. When disabled, this permits testing outside of a typical review and approval process (for example, in a customer’s development/testing environment).

A-notes permitted for exception-blocked procedure runs

A-notes can be added to an in-progress procedure run even if the procedure run is blocked from execution by an exception.

For additional information on procedure run execution configurations, refer to the Template Exceptions Settings section of the Creating a Procedure Template article.

Confirmation message for procedure run completion scenarios

In earlier versions, the iOS app only displayed a completion confirmation experience when an operator completed the last step of a procedure run. Now, a new confirmation message displays when an operator attempts to complete a procedure run from any other point in the procedure.

To complete the procedure run in these cases, the operator must now tap Complete below that confirmation message. This reduces the risk of an operator completing a procedure run prematurely.

Measure parameters available within measure input during procedure authoring

Previously, measure parameters were available for selection during procedure authoring when a user added a Value input. Now, measure parameters are available within the Measure input as a specific Measure Type.


Assigning alternative session admins on web and iOS


Previously, only the user who scheduled a Tandem session would be its session admin. Because the session admin had access to additional participant and guest management functionality for the active session from the web app, this could be limiting if the session admin needed to attend other meetings or lost connection during an active session.

Now, the session admin can designate one or more alternative session admins from either the web or iOS app.
This ability is available from web or iOS app when scheduling a new session, or from the web app when starting an ad-hoc session or adding additional users to an active session.


Guests cannot be assigned as alternative session admins; all other Tandem users can.

Alternative session admin guest removal

Previously, Tandem only allowed the session admin who initiated the meeting to admit and remove guest users. Now, any user assigned as a session admin can remove guests from sessions.

To remove a guest from the session, click or tap group Participants > logout Logout next to the guest name(s) you want to remove. Any guest user who is removed will have to request access again to rejoin the session.

Session admin capabilities available on iOS app

The following session admin functions, which are used to manage Tandem sessions on the web app, are now available within the iOS app:

  • Manage and update their existing scheduled sessions
  • Mute audio and/or disable participant video displays
  • The Mute All and Hide All Video options are only accessible if at least one session participant has their microphone or camera enabled.
  • If an admin disables a participant’s audio and/or video feed, a notification displays for the participant.

Background blurring capability during Tandem sessions

For added privacy purposes, Tandem web app users can now blur their video background from the Tandem session waiting room or during an active session. The system remembers the user’s most-recently-used background setting for future sessions; the setting value can be changed at any time.

For more information on blurring your video background, refer to the Starting & Joining a Tandem Session on the Web Application and Tandem Session Tools articles.

Snapshots & Recordings access on iOS app

Access to Snapshots & Recordings has been added to the iOS app. Now, users can view image and video files directly from the new Recordings tab on the Tandem iOS app. Any file that the user has captured themselves displays an Owner label in the list.

Improved headset voice command navigation for adding users to sessions

The contacts menu on the Tandem headset app now includes improved navigation flow during active Tandem sessions. The new navigation allows a headset operator to say “Menu,” then “Add User,” and then say the name of the user they are attempting to invite to the session. Previously, operators had to navigate through multiple voice command chains and a virtual keyboard to reach a contact name of their choice. A shortcut option to a user’s favorite contacts (“Favorites”) has also been added to the Tandem contacts menu.

HD Screenshot quality and workflow update

The following improvements have been made to the HD screenshot feature on the web app:

  • HD Screenshots will always be taken in HD quality, regardless of the operator's WiFi quality. Previously if the operator's WiFi quality was low, the quality of the HD Screenshot would also be low.
  • Streamlined the screenshot process when capturing multiple screenshots during an active Tandem session by removing the annotations dialog as a requirement.
  • After a screenshot is taken, a preview displays in the lower right corner of the window. The preview displays until the user selects an annotation tool, closes the image, or captures a new screenshot.
  • If a user needs to view a screenshot that was previously taken in the Tandem session, they can access the image via the Tandem intelligence tab or from the Snapshots & Recordings section on the web and iOS apps.


Public API for starting a procedure run

A new endpoint allows 3rd party systems to start a Procedure Run and assign users to that run. For Apprentice API documentation, refer to the Apprentice API Documentation site:

API enhancements


  • Improved filtering for dates and numbers.
  • Improved Batch Status event trigger to account for first and second signature requirements.
  • Added ability to trigger outputs to HTTPS REST API endpoints.
  • Added upsert functionality to ERP API to determine based on a create call if the object already exists and, if so, update the object instead.
  • Improved handling of Units of Measure scaling in Lot and Batch Run ERP APIs.
  • Added ability to process multiple sublots for the lot ERP API.
  • Added operation and status information to batch status events coming out of Tempo.
  • Added ability to send events on procedure run status changes.
  • Added material expiration date to the event message when the material output action is triggered.
  • Improved handling of Tempo quantity calculations when adding a sublot via ERP API.

No-code integration enhancements:

A number of enhancements have been made related to no-code integration experiences within the system. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Removal of integration-related settings from specific pages for systems that do not have integrations enabled.
  • Removal of duplicate units of measure on iOS tare weight.
  • Improvements to technique media import and search status with Veeva.
  • Improvements to batch unit operations integration with Aveva PI System.

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