About Batch Templates
  • 05 May 2022
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About Batch Templates

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Once an author has created one or more procedures, they can add them to a batch template (record) and include them in a batch run.

Batch authoring and execution can be broken down into the 6 steps outlined below:

1. Creating and configuring a batch template

This is the act of creating a batch template, entering an ID, and selecting one or more product materials associated with the batch.

2. Configuring a batch template

This is the act of selecting additional batch template configuration settings.

3. Adding and configuring a Unit Operation

Once your batch template has been created you must add at least one Unit Operation then add one or more procedures to it.

4. Reviewing and approving a template

Once an author has added the required Unit Operations and associated procedures, they must submit the batch template for review and approval during which it is locked and made effective.

5. Starting a Batch Run

Once a batch template has successfully completed the review and approval workflow, it can be added to a batch run.

6. Assigning a Batch Run for execution

Once the batch run has been started, it must be assigned for execution on an iPad or Apprentice-powered headset.

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