Procedures Overview
  • 16 Mar 2023
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Procedures Overview

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Who can use this feature?
  🌐 ✔️ MES (v6.3.5, v6.5.X) ✔️ AWI (v6.5.X) ✔️ LES (v6.5.X)

Define the step-by-step instructions for drug creation and laboratory testing through no-code authoring and live-group editing. Add augmented guidance — photos, videos, and AR overlays — to any step of a procedure and integrate with your equipment. Execute procedures across mobile and headset devices, automatically capture quality data, and scan in resources for automatic inventory management.

What is a procedure?

Tempo allows content creators to build digital instructions within the web application; these instructions guide operators or scientists through the execution of a series of steps during manufacturing or laboratory testing and can capture required signatures and other relevant information.

  • The Tempo system interface uses the term procedure to refer to a set of digital instructions. Your function or team may use different terminology.
    • For example, when applied to sample testing in a laboratory, a set of digital instructions may be called a test method.
  • During the drafting process, procedures are authored within the Tempo web application as procedure templates. Once a procedure template has been authored and approved, it can be assigned for execution as a procedure run.
  • Customers that use the MES or LES package can include references to resources like equipment and material within procedure templates.
  • Customers that use the MES package can also add procedures to batch templates; procedures may be arranged within specific unit operations within the batch template. Once a batch template has been authored and approved, it can be assigned for execution as a batch run.

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