About Procedures
  • 27 Feb 2022
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About Procedures

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The Tempo MES gives your organization's procedure authors the capability to convert existing paper-based procedures into a reusable template containing digital steps.

Procedure Authoring can be broken down into the 6 steps outlined below:

1. Creating a Procedure

This is the act of creating a procedure template, giving it a title, and determining whether you want to create your template from scratch or start with an existing PDF. During this step a user can upload a PDF from their computer or use one stored in a Document Management System (DMS) such as Veeva Vault (additional platform configurations are required).

2. Configuring the template

Once your procedure template has been created, it's important to check the Template Configuration Settings to ensure the correct settings are active for your new procedure. Options include Enforce sequentiality which, when enabled, will require anyone executing the procedure to progress through every step in sequential order.

3. Creating Augmented Steps

This is the act of adding digital augmented steps to a procedure template. Once a step has been added, an author can add Technique Media, Inputs, Actions, Signatures or Step Navigation to the step.

4. Adding Dynamic Content

Once a procedure template has been created, an author can add parameters via the Dynamic Content tab. Parameters can be used to specify values for a particular batch run when leveraging the same procedure for multiple products, variations, or iterations. Parameters can be referenced anywhere in a procedure where input is required (e.g., material quantity). You can set default values for these parameters, which can also be overridden at the batch level.

5. Adding Resources

Once a procedure template has been created, a user can click the Resources tab to specify the equipment and materials that will be used during the execution of the procedure.

Once a procedure template has been created, a user can click the Links tab to link to another procedure. Linked procedures can be opened from the Linked Procedure list during execution.

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