Samples Overview
  • 07 Feb 2022
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Samples Overview

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Samples are typically taken from a batch and used for testing the quality of a drug being produced. Samples are managed in the LES and then used in modules to execute procedures on those samples.

Proper management of samples is critical to the accuracy and reliability of testing and diagnosis. Inaccuracies in testing can affect laboratory efficiencies.


Sample list

The Samples list is where users can view, search, or filter through a list of existing samples and create new ones. To access the Sample list, click Samples displayed in the navigation panel to the left.


# Name Description
1 Create new sample Click to add a new sample.
2 Search Type to find a sample from within the list.
3 Columns Add or remove a column from the list.
4 Reset Filters Reset the filters on the list.
5 More Options Export the current list view or import a new list.
6 Sample ID ID number associated with the sample.
7 Batch ID ID number associated with the samples batch.
8 Class The class the sample is organized within.
9 Subclass The subclass the sample is further organized within.
10 Created Date that the sample was created.
11 Filter Filter for specific results.

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