Array Classes & Subclasses Overview
  • 19 Jun 2023
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Array Classes & Subclasses Overview

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Article Summary

Arrays are often defined by their size and properties. For example an array class might indicate the size of the plate. Array subclasses might further define whether the plates are standard or precoated.

Array class and subclass list

The Arrays class and subclass list is where users can view, search, or filter through a list of existing array classes and subclasses as well as create new ones. To access the Array class and subclass list,** click Arrays Class/Subclass** displayed in the navigation panel to the left.


1Create newClick to add a new array class or subclass
2SearchType to find a sample class or subclass from within the list
3ColumnsAdd or remove columns from the columns list
4Reset FiltersClear all the filters currently applied
5More OptionsClick the vertical ellipsis to access additional options
6NameName of the class or subclass
7TypeIndicates whether it is a class or subclass
8DescriptionClass or subclass description if one was provided
9SubclassesIndicates number of subclasses within a class
10StatusesIndicates number of statuses
11Custom PropertiesIndicates number of custom properties
12ActionsAdd new subclass option available in class rows

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