Managing Profile Information
  • 19 Jun 2023
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Managing Profile Information

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Tempo users have access to manage basic profile information and security options via the left navigation panel account_circle Profile option.

This article reflects Tempo v6.5.X. If you are using an earlier version, hover over the left navigation panel and click My Profile to access the profile section of the system.
Depending on the Tempo Manufacturing Cloud solutions your organization uses, some product-specific settings listed in this article may not display to users in your system.

This article is separated into sections based on the two profile tabs:


General Information

The General Information section displays your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address as read-only fields.

If any of this information must be updated, reach out to a System Admin, who can update the information by following the steps in the Editing User Details article.


  • System Language: Sets your personal language preference for system text in the Tempo Manufacturing Cloud.
  • Enable Desktop Notifications: Allows you to enable desktop notifications for this browser, if they have not yet been enabled.
  • Once a user has enabled desktop notifications, the page displays a Desktop Notifications Granted message instead of this button.
  • To learn more about managing and disabling desktop notifications, refer to the Use Notifications to Get Alerts article from Google Chrome Help.

Tandem Settings

  • Tandem Time Zone Preference: Sets your personal time zone preference for Tandem sessions and invitations.
  • Test Tandem Connectivity: Launches a Pre-Flight Tests page that enables you to test your video and audio connectivity outside of a Tandem meeting.

To test Tandem connectivity, complete the steps below:

  1. Click Test Tandem Connectivity. The Pre-Flight Tests page displays.
  2. Select a value for the Maximum Test Duration field from available options (in seconds): 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30.
  3. To test only your audio, check the Audio-Only checkbox. (To test both audio and video, leave this checkbox unchecked.)
  4. Click Start Test to begin.

While the test is running, test results begin to display on the right side of the page. To stop an in-progress test, select the Stop Test button.


The Groups section displays the names of your assigned groups. If you have not been assigned to any groups, this section does not display.

Tandem Login Code

This QR code enables you to log in to Tandem on your Apprentice-powered headset. For more information, refer to the Logging in to Tandem on Headset article.


Change Password

The Change Password section supports updating your password while logged in to the Tempo web application. For more information on changing your password, refer to the Changing & Resetting Your Password article.

Multi-Factor Authentication

The Multi-Factor Authentication section supports enabling, updating, or disabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) while logged in to the Tempo web application. For more information on using MFA, refer to the Enabling & Managing MFA article.

Set Pin & Disable Pin

The Set Pin section provides the option to set a Personal Identification Number (PIN), which can be used to confirm your identity without requiring re-entry of your username and password during certain uses of the system.
For more information on using a PIN, refer to the Enabling & Disabling System PIN article.

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