Material Definitions Overview
  • 06 Mar 2023
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Material Definitions Overview

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This article covers the following topics:

What is a material definition?

In the Tempo Manufacturing Cloud, material definitions are known as the raw materials used and consumed during the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. In the system, material definitions are used to:

  • Track where and when material resources are being used during procedure and batch execution
  • Allocate material to a lot or sublot for inventory purposes

Before a material definition can be configured, an applicable material class and subclass must exist in the system. For more information on creating material classes and subclasses, refer to the Creating, Editing, & Deleting a Material Class or Subclass article.

After a user creates a new material definition, additional tabs display on the page:

Material Lots tab

From this tab, users can view and allocate material lot and sublot inventory for the material definition. For more information on adding a lot or sublot to a material definition, refer to the Adding a Lot or Sublot to a Material Definition article.

Attached Procedures tab

From this tab, users can view a list of procedures that use and reference the material definition in the system. To view the details of an attached procedure, click the procedure link from the Title column. The procedure opens in a new Google Chrome browser tab.

Inventory Usage Log tab

From this tab, users can view, search, and filter through a list of user actions previously completed in the system that are related to the material definition's inventory (e.g., lot/sublot creation). To print a copy of the log's current list view, click print Print.

History tab

From this tab, users can view, search, and filter through an audit log of historical data changes made to the material definition itself (e.g., the timestamp of when the definition was created). To print a copy of the current list view, click print Print.

Accessing material definitions

This article reflects Tempo v6.5.X. If you are using an earlier version, hover over the left navigation panel, then click Materials > Material Definitions.

From the left navigation panel, click cloud Tempo > Materials > Material Definitions. A list of configured material definitions displays.

From this list, users can access the following functions:

  • View, search, create, edit, and deactivate material definition information
    • To view material definitions that have been removed from the system, click more_vert More Options > Show deleted definitions.
  • Customize filter views to fit display preferences
    • Click Columns to select which material definition columns to display in the list.
    • Columns reflect specific information stored on a material definition within the system, including information such as Name, Material ID, Quantity Available, and more.
    • Click filter_list Filter next to a column of your choice, then select a filter criteria and enter a term in the search bar.
    • Click Reset Filters to reset the filter view.
  • Import and export material definitions, material lots, and material sublots data

Next steps

Review the articles below to learn more about material definitions and lots/sublots.

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