Materials Overview
  • 17 Nov 2022
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Materials Overview

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Tracking and maintaining the vast number of materials used throughout the Pharma manufacturing process can be a logistical nightmare for an organization. Fortunately, the Apprentice MES enables organizations to proactively manage materials and easily assign them to manufacturing procedures to better plan capacity, schedule, and yields.

Materials Hierarchy

All the material you enter into the Apprentice MES is associated with a material class and subclass. An example of a material class might be "chemicals."

Material Hierarchy smaller4

An example of a material subclass (continuing with our chemicals example) could include "amino acids", "purified water", or "salts".

Finally, an example of a material definition (which has inherited the material class chemicals and the material subclass amino acids) might include L-Cystine 2HCL as the material itself.

Custom Material Properties

When a user creates a new material class or subclass they have the option to attach custom properties to it. Custom properties allow a user to attach specific attributes to a material class or subclass not included by default. An example of a custom attribute a user could add is “color”.

When a user creates a new material definition it automatically inherits the custom properties of the class and subclass selected at the time it’s created.

Material Definitions

Once a user has entered all of the material classes and subclasses used during the manufacturing process, it’s time to add the physical material to the MES platform, referred to as a material definition. While completing the steps to create a material definition, the operator will be prompted to attach a required class/subclass.

A material definition inherits the standard properties of the material classes and subclasses you select when creating it.

Material Lots and Sublots

Once an operator has created a material definition they can add it to inventory in the form of a lot or sublot. Once a lot has been created, the operator can add one or more sublots to it.

How to navigate to Materials

To navigate to Material Classes/Subclasses or Material Definitions in v.6.3.x, hover over the navigation panel on the left and click Materials. If using v.6.5, click Tempo followed by Materials.

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