Tandem Session Tools
  • 15 Aug 2022
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Tandem Session Tools

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Article Summary

The diagram below illustrates the Tandem interface during real-time sessions on the web application. Review the sections below to learn more about the Tandem session tools available on the web app.

In-session tools

In-session tools are grouped by task type, designed to reduce friction and ensure Tandem is more intuitive for users.

new tandem v6 session tools.png

1. Annotations and captions

Items located here include annotation tools such as Zoom, Draw, Laser Pointer, AR Arrow, and Captions. To enable a tool, click on a user tile then select a tool to annotate on their screen.

  • Some tools may not be available depending on the type of user tile (web vs. headset) selected.
  • All participants can view screen annotations.
  • If a web user annotates on a headset operator's user tile, a message displays on the headset app followed by a ping sound:

2. Mute audio and stop video

Users can mute their audio or stop their video from the lower left corner of the session window.

3. Screen-related tools

Screen-related collaboration tools such as Record, Share Screen, and HD Screenshot are located in the lower center of the session window.

  • If the selected user tile has their video turned off, the HD Screenshot tool will be disabled.
  • If a web user begins to record, share their screen, or take an HD screenshot, a message displays on the headset app followed by a ping sound:
  • If a web user shares their screen or sends an HD screenshot to a headset operator, the screen share or image displays on the headset app.

4. Leave session

Users can leave the current Tandem session using the button in the lower right corner of the session window.

5. Participants and chat

Users can view a full list of Tandem session participants, manually invite additional attendees to the session, or send messages using the chat window to communicate with all participants in real time.


If a web user sends a message in the chat, headset operators can hear the message read aloud through the device's speaker.

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