Tandem v6.4 Release Notes
  • 28 Jul 2022
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Tandem v6.4 Release Notes

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Article Summary

Introducing the Tandem v6.4 release

Tandem is a virtual collaboration solution that combines high-quality video streaming, AR, and live voice transcription with wearable headsets to give remote colleagues a detailed, first-person perspective into an operator’s workflow.

Highlights of Tandem’s v6.4 release include enhancements to user privacy and permissions, updates to specific areas of the user interface, new iOS app features, and more.


This article was last updated 7/28/2022.

Release enhancements

User privacy enhancements

A new privacy and recording setting called "Enable User Tile Recording" has been introduced to Tandem on the web and iOS applications. The setting allows the session organizer to determine if participant videos (referred to here as User Tiles) should be included in the recording file if the Tandem session is recorded. Disabling this setting guarantees additional privacy for all participants, while also providing a higher recording quality by focusing its view on the screen share or headset operator's point of view.

To enable or disable the setting on the web application, select the Enable User Tile Recording checkbox from the Tandem Intelligence tab during an active session (before the recording begins) or when you are scheduling a new Tandem session. For more information, refer to the Creating a Scheduled Session and Tandem Intelligence Tab Overview articles.

To enable or disable the setting on the iOS application, tap the Record User Tiles toggle when scheduling a new Tandem session.

User support and feedback

Users can now provide direct feedback from within the system regarding the quality of their Tandem sessions. After a user leaves a Tandem session on the web, iOS, or headset applications, an optional survey displays that includes questions about their session experience.

Additionally, users can now report issues during active sessions directly from the Report a Problem section of the Tandem Intelligence tab on the web application or Tandem iOS menu. All reports and survey details are sent to an Apprentice feedback email address.

For more information, refer to the Tandem Intelligence Tab Overview article.

New user security permissions

The way the system provisions Tandem security permissions has been remodeled. This change provides increased control and management for data within the Tandem product.

For more information, refer to the Tandem Roles and Permissions article.

iOS application updates

The following features have been introduced to the Tandem iOS application:

  • The session organizer can now accept guests who are requesting entry during an active Tandem session.
  • Users can now schedule new Tandem sessions without leaving the iOS app.
  • Speaker view has been added to active Tandem sessions, which means the person who is currently speaking displays as the main view for all participants during the session.

Updated session waiting room interface

The Tandem session waiting room has been refreshed on the web and iOS applications to include a new interface with additional audio/video connectivity tests, as well as an option to select a different relay server, if applicable. This delivers a modernized experience in-line with the personal applications all operators are familiar with.

Time zone settings

To ensure Tandem email invitations include the user's appropriate time zone, the Tandem Time Zone Preference setting has been introduced to the web application. To update your time zone, click My Profile on the left navigation panel then navigate to the Tandem Settings section of the page.

For more information, refer to the Managing My Profile Information article.

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